Avalanche Of Fear

by Rename

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Avalanche Of Fear when the night is dark
 and my sleep not deep enough opening my eyes
 I scan the stars in the heavens above then I wonder to myself
 who am I, what’s my purpose ? different thoughts run through my mind never felt so blind an alien emotion (what is it ? )
as if I lose myself (what is it ?) grainy images (what is it ?) I fear the truth I look back on my youth from the pages of my diary I was able to think 
and use the lobus frontalis so I wonder to myself
 why mankind became so digital ? the most beautiful things in life are now buried alive in a cloud progression (how is it ?) if we lose ourselves (how is it ?) renaissance (how is it ?)
 the code for peace will we ever break it ? how ? (what is it ?)
 that brought us here (what is it ?)
 we need to hear
 (what is it ?)
 won’t you stop to consider (let’s stop this) avalanche of fear (what is it ?)
 that brought us here (what is it ?)
 we need to hear (we’re passing)
 the last frontier (we’re not drowning by an) avalanche of fear
Alpha Coma 03:33


released March 17, 2016

Written by Synth Marcus.
Produced by Rename.


all rights reserved




Mindmodvl (pronounced as Mind Module) was founded in 2019 as a project intended to create catchy electronic pop music. From 2004 - 2019 he released 10 singles, 3 albums and various compilations and collaborations as Rename and made remixes for artists such as Psyche,Boytronic,De/Vision, U96, Color Theory, Eloquent,Rupesh Cartel and The Echoing Green. ... more

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